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Scholarships - ASPIRE

Terms and Conditions for the disbursement of ASPIRE Scholarship

The Scholarship programme is for doing short term internship/ projects by the regular Postgraduate/M.Phil./Ph.D. students. It is meant to give students exposure to national level educational institutions and for providing opportunity to interact with eminent scholars working there. As per the recommendations of the Academic Committee regarding the implementation of scholarship, the Vice Chancellor has accorded sanction to disburse the scholarship as per the Order No.Acd.C2/36/ASPIRE/ 2010/SSUS dated 16.02.2011 subject to the following conditions.

  1. All students who are awarded the ASPIRE Scholarship shall execute a Bond with the University before awaiting the scholarship. (the format is appended herewith an Annexure III).
  2. All students should submit a written request to the Head of the Department concerned for relieving.
  3. All students should produce a joining report from the supervising scholar to the University.
  4. He/She shall be present at least ten days in a month in the host institution.
  5. He/She shall submit attendance certificate to the University obtained from the supervising scholar every month.
  6. He/She shall be released two months scholarship in advance on producing the joining report.
  7. Those who are undergoing a course for only one month, they shall be released the scholarship in advance on producing the joining report.
  8. On completion of the internship/project the P.G. students shall furnish a 15 page report (typed) of the work done along with a brief assessment of the supervised scholar. The M.Phil.-Ph.D. students who avail the scholarship for more than three months shall provide at least a rough draft of a publishable academic paper to the University through the Head of the Department concerned.
  9. After obtaining the final project report University shall release the balance amount of scholarship.

About Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit

The University was established two decades ago in the name of the illustrious Indian philosopher Jagad Guru Adi Sankara in his place of birth at Kalady. The basic objective of the University is to impart knowledge in various branches of Sanskrit, Indology, Indian culture, Indian and Foreign languages, Indian philosophy, Fine Arts and Social Sciences and to promote the study and research in Sanskrit and other systems of Indian knowledge. As a centre of cultural heritage and a house for indigenous art forms, the University is envisioned to harmonize the society through educational excellence.