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Regional Campus - Panmana

Panmana has carved a special niche in Indian culture. It is the birth place of Agamananda Swamiji who propagated the learning of Sanskrit for the first time in Kerala in a democratic manner. The tomb of Chattambi Swamikal, the spiritual exponent of Dravidian language and culture, is also situated at Panmana. The Regional Campus started at panmana, the Merging place of Dravidian- Sanskrit Renaissance thoughts, in a way can be considered as the succession of it. The author of the first epic in Malayalam, Shri. Azhakath Padmanabha Kurup’s learning Campus, Kottur Kalari, was in Panmana. The single teacher school started in 1911 by Shri. Ramanasan is the presant Bala Bhattaraka Vilasam Sanskrit High School, which situates near the Regional Campus. In 1966 under the leadership of Natarajaguru World Peace Conference was held at Panmana. ‘Panmana Ashramam’ (Panmana Monastry) had once a Pivotal role in Kerala’s Social and Political History. Jhanpith laureate Shri.O.N.V.Krurp, and the author of the First Political Drama in Malayalam, Shri.Pulimana Parameswanran Pillai are some of the glittering jewels of Panmana. Thus panman’s soil is embedded with the thoughts and ideas of eminent personalities who had great role in the socio-cultural and political Renaissance of Kerala. In such a place, this Regional Campus has indeed a very great relevance.

The Regional Campus, Panmana is one of the eight Campuss of the Sree Sankaracharchrya University of Sanskrit; Kalady started functioning from 1994-95. The Campus offers in Malayalam, Hindi and Sanskrit Vedanta. The Campus is currently functioning in rented buildings one rented out by the panchayath authorities where the classes are functioning and the other one hired by the University where the office and Library are functioning. Panmana Gramapanchayath has acquired 1.65 acres of land nearby in 2009 March and donated the same to Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, for the construction of Academic block. The fencing of the one side of the land was also completed.

Location of the campus and area:

Panmana is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. The distance from Kalady, the main Campus to Panmana is 4:30 hrs (180 kms).

Extra Curricular Activities:

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Sree Sankaracharya University Of Sanskrit, Regional Campus, Panmana

Place: Panmana

Address: Panamna P.O., Kollam

Pin: 681583

Date of establishment: 1994

Dr. A. Sheelakumari :Campus Director

Contact: Ph: 0476-2670700





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